Live Aid 1985 Concert Ticket Stub Art Print Poster JFK Stadium Philadelphia
Product image 1Live Aid 1985 Concert Ticket Stub Art Print Poster JFK Stadium Philadelphia
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Live Aid 1985 Concert Ticket Stub Art Print Poster JFK Stadium Philadelphia

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Ticket Stub Art Print Poster size is 10 x 24 inches / 25.4 cm × 61 cm.  

Please note that in order to offer the most authentic looking designs, concert ticket art prints often have a distressed, weather look due to normal aging and wear and tear on the actual ticket stub.   Some ticket prints may show some blemishes that are part of the original source and are not due to a defect in the print process. Some restoration is done when possible but the source photos used come from the genuine artifact, most of which are decades old so uneven colors, faded print, and other blemishes may be visible.

I was one of the lucky ones that was able to get tickets to attend the Live Aid concert in Philadelphia in 1985.  I was working at a record shop in my home state of Massachusetts at the time and had been trying for weeks to get tickets. Three days before the show, a guy that came in the store from time to time came in and said he had three tickets to unload. He found out at the last minute that he couldn't go. The face-value for the tickets were mostly $35 dollars but there were a few of the sections closer to the stage that were priced at $50. This guy had three $50 tickets and was asking for $75 each for them. This was the time before ATM machines and 24 hour banking and I didn't have that kind of cash on me. Thankfully my boss let me borrow the money from the cash register that day (he owned the store) and I bought the tickets on the spot. 

My friends and I left for Philadelphia from Massachusetts on Friday night before the show. The show started at 9am Saturday so we traveled down the night before with no idea where we were going to stay.  We assumed every hotel in Philly would be booked solid so the plan was to sleep in the car in the parking lot of JFK and then go to the show from there. That's the kind of stuff you can do when you're 21 I guess. 

We got to Philadelphia at around midnight and as we were driving toward the stadium we actually saw a hotel that had their "vacancy" sign lit up. We went in figuring the sign was probably out of order or something but we figured we'd check it out anyhow. It turned out that the hotel had just kicked out a bunch of guys for being rowdy and their room was now available so we jumped on it, thus avoiding sleeping in the car. 

We got up at 7am and hit the drive thru for coffee and donuts and went to the stadium, which unbeknownst to us at the time was right up the street from where we stayed.  We got to our seats just in time for the start of the show.  Needless to say, Live Aid was the single greatest concert experience of my life and I don't think anything will ever come close.   I could write a book about that day and someday I just might.

Final note: this print was  not using my ticket stub, although I do still own my original stub, it is quite beat-up from being in my pocket for that entire weekend.

• Digitally Printed. • Sizes is 6x8 in. 8x12 In, 11x14 in,, 11x17 in., 12x16 in, 16x20 in • Printed with a Matte Finish on Heavy Duty Archival Paper • 200 GSM Heavy Weight Paper • Frame is not included.
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