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Gumball Machine Insert Banana Float Gum Sixties Seventies Retro Art Print Poster

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Remember when you'd go to the store with your parents and they'd always have Gumball Machines? The first thing you'd do is look at all of the machines to see what you wanted and then you go hit up Mom & Dad for some change. On the front of each machine was an insert card that advertised the various gumball flavors, candy and prizes in each machine. These are illustrated cards that are put on the front of the gumball machine and they're typically very colorful and many have some kind of wacky characters or other pop-culture related illustration. These Gum Machine Insert Art Prints are both Pop Art and Pop Culture and they would certainly add some spice to your wall.

•Digitally Printed.• Sizes available: 8x10, in. 11x14 in,  12x16 in, 16x20 in 18x24 in.• 16x20 in, 18x24 in• Printed with a matte finish on heavy duty archival paper.• 200 GSM heavy weight paper

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