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Black Swan Records Harlem New York Art Print Poster 78RPM

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Black Swan Records is an historic record label, having played a critical role in the history of recorded music. Founded in Harlem New York in 1921, Black Swan was the first Black owned record label that featured only Black artists and recorded music that was geared towards a Black audience. Black artists were grossly underrepresented in the mainstream marketplace so Black Swan was a pioneering label, created to give Black audiences access to hearing artists that otherwise, may never have had a chance due to racial inequalities at other labels. As Black Swan began to have success, other larger labels such as Columbia and Paramount took notice, and began bringing in more and more Black artists to their own labels in order to compete. Unfortunately for Black Swan, once these larger labels recognized the significant market demand for Black artists, they became too much competition for the smaller label, and Black Swan was eventually sold to Paramount Records. In their short history, Black Swan changed the way mainstream labels looked at Black Artists who they realized they could no longer ignore. The significance of Black Swan Records in the music industry can not be overstated.

• Digitally Printed. • Sizes is 6x8 in. 8x12 In, 11x14 in,, 11x17 in., 12x16 in, 16x20 in • Printed with a Matte Finish on Heavy Duty Archival Paper • 200 GSM Heavy Weight Paper • Frame is not included.

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