Vintage Sign Art Prints

Taking road trips along America’s highways has become a part of American Pop Culture.  American's started to take to the roads back in the 1950s when many of the major highways were still new.  As time went on and these roads became more heavily traveled, roadside gas stations, diners, motels and other businesses started cropping up along the highways.   To garner attention, many businesses started erecting elaborate neon signs in order to lure travelers, many of which stood the test of time and outlasted their respective businesses.

Sixty years later, many of the businesses are long gone but so many of these elaborate and distinctive signs remain on the roadside, acting as both pieces of history and art all at once.  

• Digitally Printed.
• Sizes available: 6x8 in, 8x12 in, 11x14 in, 11x17 in, 12x16 in
• 16x20 in, 18x24 in
• Printed with a matte finish on heavy duty archival paper.
• 200 GSM heavy weight paper

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